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Monitored Sports Handicappers
Monitored Sports Handicappers

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Monitored Sports Handicappers
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Monitored Sports Handicappers - Approved Sports Handicapping Services

Below are the approved sports handicappers by Handicapping

These handicappers have agreed to our business practice terms and are trusted by Handicapping Reviews and our members.

 Monitored Sports Handicappers - Approved Sports Handicapping Services
Handicapper Name (Company Name) Avg. Rating # Reviews Free Pick
"King" Jon Sanderson (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
"Southside" Slim Landry (Sports Investor Central) 1No
27 In a Row (27 in a Row) 4No
AAA Sports Handicapping (AAA Sports Handicapping) 5No
Aaron Alexis (Precision Picks) 1No
Aaron Fuller (Sports Investor Central) 3No
Aaron Glende (Pro Cappers) 3No
Action Jackson Avery (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Adam Jenkins (Sports Investor Central) 2No
Adrian Conners (Documented Handicappers) 4No
Aiden Necholas (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Alex Jedi Knight (Documented Handicappers) 5No
Andy Myer (ATS Experts) 0No
Angel Price (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Angelo Benedetta (Documented Handicappers) 4No
Arnold Jones (Precision Picks) 1No
Austin Clark - Sports Picks & Predictions (Precision Picks Sports Handicapping Service) 3No
Benjamin Sturn (Sports Picks Forum) 3No
Benny Vintage ( 13No
Best Sports Picks (Best Sports Picks) 1No
Bill Fishman (Pro Cappers) 1No
Billy (Precision Picks) 3No
Bob Aggarwal (Superior Daily) 3No
Bob Gaerhardt (Precision Picks) 1No
Bob Gaerhardt (Precision Picks) 0No
Bobby Husbands (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Brandon Donnelly (ATS Experts) 2Yes
Brendon Katsaros - Sports Betting Advice ( 0No
Bret Bryan (Sports Investor Central) 2No
Brian Piero (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Brian Quincy (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Brock Lloyd (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Brooke Smolka (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Bryan Bowman (Sports Investor Central) 2No
Bryan Fillmore (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Buzz (Buzz Sports Picks) 1No
Cajun Sports (Cajun Sports) 3No
Cameron Owens (Sports Investor Central) 5Yes
Carmine Luzetti (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Carson Kelly (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Carter Stevenson (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Casey Stinson (Precision Picks) 2No
Cash Hoffman (Precision Picks) 2No
CB Ferris - Sports Betting Advice ( 1No
Cecil Cohen (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
Charles Avery (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Chris Bale (Documented Handicappers) 4No
Chris Coleman (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Chris Murphy (Sports Investor Central) 4Yes
Chris Sampson (Precision Picks) 2No
Cole Patrick (Sports Investor Central) 2No
Colin O’Connor (Precision Picks) 2No
Conor Brookes (Precision Picks) 1No
Corey Blinden (Precision Picks) 1No
Craig Jennings (Precision Picks) 2No
Dallas Campbell (411Tilt) 13Yes
Danny Soros (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
Dave Little (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Dave McGreggor (Sports Investor Central) 0No
David Baer (Precision Picks) 1No
David Lagos (Cashin' Tickets) 5No
David Luang - Winning Sports Picks (King Sports Picks) 3No
David Price - Sports Betting Advice ( 0No
Dennis Matthews - Sports Betting Advice ( 0No
Denny Helton (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Diamond Ray James (Sports Picks Forum) 3No
Dick Liston Jr. (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Doctor Pauls (Documented Handicappers) 4No
Don Hagen (Fox & Hound) 10No
Don Williams (Sports Picks Forum) 3No
Donny Pearson (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Dusty Miller (Precision Picks) 1No
Earl Covington (Precision Picks) 1No
Eddie Hawkins (Eddie Hawkins) 17No
Eli Rothstein (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Elijah Murtah (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Ethan Alexander (Sports Investor Central) 6Yes
Frank Carnessi (ROI Sports) 6No
Frank Delgotto (ATS Experts) 2Yes
Frank Moone - Professional Handicapper (King Sports Picks) 2No
Fred Berns - NBA Picks (King Sports Picks) 3No
George Hampton - King of the Hot Streak (King Sports Picks) 3No
George Moyer - Sports Betting System (Cap Fox - Sports Betting System) 12No
Greg Foster (Precision Picks) 1No
Greg Michaels ( 11No
Guy Eslin (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Hank Downey (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Harold Windham (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Harv Rubenstein (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Houston Mears (Precision Picks) 1No
Jackie Russino (ATS Experts) 2No
Jacob Martin (ATS Experts) 2Yes
Jacob Smith (Documented Handicappers) 1No
James A. McGuiness ( 2No
James Gunnar - Expert Sports Predictions (King Sports Picks) 3No
James Landas (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Jason Manning (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Jeff Garza (Precision Picks) 1No
Jeff Hodges (Precision Picks) 1No
Jeremy Redmond (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Jerry Goslin (Sports Investor Central) 4No
Jesse Jones (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Jim Paulson (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Jimmy Eastman (Documented Handicappers) 6No
Jimmy Lawrence (Oddsboard) 1No
Jimmy Meyer (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Jimmy Wood (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Joe Johnson (Precision Picks) 1No
Joe Napoli (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Joel Rockman (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Joey Bergeron (Oddsboard) 3No
John R. Block (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Johnny Pham - Sports Betting Advice ( 0No
Jon Piken ( 0No
Jonah Black (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Josh Gilcrest (Precision Picks) 1No
Julian Dread (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Junior Henson (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Kelly Steward (ATS Experts) 0No
Kenny York (Sports Investor Central) 3No
Kevin Fitch (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Kevin McHughe (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Kevin Morebac - College Basketball Predictions & NBA Predictions (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
Kris Pennypacker (Precision Picks) 1No
Kurt T. Poway (Oddsboard) 9No
Kyle Gold (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Lane Gibson (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Leland Dobson (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Lenny Bruce (411Tilt) 8Yes
Lyle Clark (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Lyle Orten (Precision Picks) 1No
Makana (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Mario D'Amato (Precision Picks) 0No
Mark Ansil (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Marshall Dax (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Martin Agnes (Sports Investor Central) 0No
Mathew Balance (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Matt Fargo (Superior Daily) 3No
Matt O Brien (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Mel Jones (Precision Picks) 2No
Michael Kimmel (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Michael Molina (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Micky "Bullzeye" Ferris (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Mike Davis - Oddsboard (Oddsboard) 2No
Mike Millen (Sports Picks Forum) 2No
Mike Ryan (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Mike Taylor (Oddsboard) 0No
Mikhail Lebel (Sports Investor Central) 3Yes
Milton Ianetti (Precision Picks) 1No
Nate McMartin (Documented Handicappers) 3No
Nathan Powers - Expert Sports Handicapper (Precision Picks) 8No
Nathan Skinner (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Nick Parson (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Pat Miller (Covers Experts) 3Yes
Patrick Adams (Oddsboard) 11No
Paul Herd (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Pepper Shannon (Sports Investor Central) 0No
Pete Mac (Sports Investor Central) 2Yes
Peter Trell - Expert Sports Predictions for MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA & NCAAB, NHL (King Sports Picks) 4No
Phillip Monteith (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Phillip Pyle (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Pro Picks Online (Pro Picks Online) 1No
Puss Williamson - Original Las Vegas Sports Handicapper ( 10No
Ralph Learner (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Ray Franklin - Sports Betting Predictions (Precision Picks) 13No
Ray Lucas (Sports Investor Central) 2No
RC Blevins (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Rich Roth (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Richard Hartline - Sports Betting Picks (Precision Picks) 3No
Richard Scott (Precision Picks) 2No
Richie Law (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Riley Peterson (Sports Investor Central) 4Yes
Roger Kruzinski (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Royce LeBlanc (Oddsboard) 2No
Russell Davis (Precision Picks) 10No
Ryan Bowland (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Ryan Stroud (Precision Picks) 0No
Ryne Bach (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Sal Limonti (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Samar Baht (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Scooter Lowell (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Scott Riley (ATS Experts) 2Yes
Scott Spreitzer (Covers Experts) 1No
Scott Steele (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Sean Archer (Sean Archer Picks) 10No
Shane Levins (Precision Picks) 2No
Shark Picks (Shark Picks) 1No
Simon Says (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
Skip Breaze (Sports Investor Central) 2Yes
Slick Rick Williams (Precision Picks) 2No
Sonny "Shotgun" Morane (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Stanley Baker (ATS Experts) 0No
Steve OBannon (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Stevie March (Sports Picks Forum) 0No
Stewart Phelps (411Tilt) 11Yes
Taylor Gold (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Taylor Sewell (Precision Picks) 1No
TD (Documented Handicappers) 2No
The Swami (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Tim Harris (Oddsboard) 2No
Tim McCoy (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Timmy Klein (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Timothy Larkin Jr. (Cashin' Tickets) 4No
Tom Pit (Sports Investor Central) 1No
Tom Strickland (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Tommy Hartell (ATS Experts) 1Yes
Tommy Hightower (Documented Handicappers) 0No
Tony Carlo (Precision Picks) 1No
Tony Turner (Precision Picks) 2No
Trevor J. Bass (Documented Handicappers) 2No
Tyler Samuels (Sports Investor Central) 2Yes
Val Wagner (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Vic Diamante (Sports Picks Forum) 1No
Vincent King - Top Sports Handicapper (King Sports Picks) 3No
Vincent Moretti (Cashin' Tickets) 6No
Walt Kramer (Fox & Hound) 3Yes
Walter Lee (Sports Investor Central) 2No
Wes Salvato (Sports Picks Forum) 4No
Will Hunter (Documented Handicappers) 1No
William Jacobs (Sports Investor Central) 3Yes
William Palmer (Documented Handicappers) 1No
Zack Sanders (Documented Handicappers) 1No


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Monitored Sports Handicappers

Monitored Sports Handicappers

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Monitored Sports Handicappers
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